What services does Luoluo provide?
Luoluo is extremely unique in that she possesses multiple talents not normally found in one
individual.  She is a charismatic, highly effective communicator and educator who can
engage and entertain large audiences even as she challenges them to expand their world
view.  Drawing on 16 years of experience as a leader, manager, and student affairs
specialist, Luoluo is also able to provide valuable, insightful consultation and expert guidance
for campuses who are wanting to build, improve or transform their programs and/or
services.  Lastly, she has outstanding facilitation and curriculum design skills which allow
her to deliver training events for students or professionals lasting anywhere from 75 minutes
to all weekend.  She offers expertise in a broad range of topical areas, including leadership,
diversity & social justice, and health & wellness.

Clients can request any one or combination of the following services:
Keynote program
Program consultation or review
Training & development seminars
Press conference
Book signing
How much does it cost to bring Luoluo?
Fees will vary depending on the type and quantity of services requested,  Luoluo's base fee
includes a visit for one date during which she provides a keynote program and one additional
event (e.g., reception, luncheon, 75-minute workshop), if desired.  
Note that all fees quoted
travel costs.  Non-profit community-based organizations and some educational
institutions may qualify for a reduced fee, so please ask.
Available Services
How do I schedule Luoluo for a visit?
Because of her full-time job, Luoluo is available for only a limited number of bookings each
academic year, so please contact Luoluo early for information about availability.
Blackberry: (480) 370-7731
E-mail: luoluo.hong@gmail.com