Leigh Jensen, PhD, Director, Sexual Assault Services, Mississippi State University:
"Luoluo was fabulous!  She is a powerful, dynamic, energetic speaker.  She presented
during National Sexual Assault Awareness Week to over a thousand students, and you
could have heard a pin drop.  The students were in awe because it spoke to them
emotionally.  One student told me she had heard three speakers on this topic and Luoluo
was by far the best."

Cindy Visbaras, Health Educator, Bates College:
"Luoluo is a top notch speaker who easily engages students while addressing a difficult
subject.  She is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.  Her approach to the topic is
refreshingly different."

Sally Cobb, Coordinator of Greek Life, University of South Alabama:
"Luoluo Hong is an outstanding, dynamic speaker.  She relates well to both males and
females and uses humor as well as insightful personal experiences to involve the
audience.  The program made quite an impact on our students."

Katye Miller, Wellness Center, University of Illinois-Chicago:
"What an impact!  Luoluo is such a dynamic speaker and is able to teach individuals and
groups how to be critical thinkers when looking at their environment and life.  She made a
very deep impression on the attendees.  She was very engaged with the audience
throughout the event and was able to relate to our students."

Judith M. Row, Director, Alcohol & Drug Resources. Texas State University-San Marcos:
"The best part of what happened with your presentation is that students were talking to one
another about re-examining their roles as peer educators.  So much good discussion is
coming out of your presentation.  Thank you for giving all of us that challenge!"
What People Are Saying About Luoluo
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"Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the
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