Since 1995, Luoluo Hong has traveled to over 85 different campuses and conferences.  Her
client repeat/referral rate is over 85%.  Below is an alphabetized list of organizations that Luoluo
has worked with in the past couple of years.  A
complete list of clients is available by clicking on
the link to download the PDF document.

Association of College & University Housing Officers Association, Mid-Atlantic Regional
Conference (2004)
Ball State University (2004)
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault Statewide Conference (2007)
Colorado State University (2005)
Earlham College (2005)
George Mason University (2005)
Grand Valley State University (2005)
International Association of Forensic Nurses (2007)
James Madison University (2004)
Louisiana State University 2005
National Conference on Student Leadership (2004)
Shepherd University (2005)
St. Louis University (2004)
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault Statewide Conference (2005)
University of California-Riverside (2005, 2006)
University of Cincinnati (2004)
University of Illinois-Chicago (2004)
University of Louisiana at Monroe (2006)
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (2004)
University of Virginia (2005)
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (2004)
Violence Goes to College Conference (2006)
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault Statewide Conference (2004)
Client List
Blackberry: (480) 370-7731