Who is Luoluo Hong?
Hailing from the hometown of Baltimore, MD, Luoluo (pronounced "low-low") Hong is the
eldest daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.  She earned a BA in Psychology from Amherst
College, a Masters in Public Health from Yale University and a PhD in Educational Leadership
& Research from Louisiana State University.  Luoluo has spent 16 years in student affairs
administration at four different institutions, including seven years as a Dean of Students
uring Fall 2007, she was Associate Professor of Women's Studies & Director of the
Women's Resource Center at Arizona State University
.  On January 1st, 2008, she became
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo.  Since 1995, Hong
has traveled to campuses and conferences across the US and has provided nearly 2,000
keynote presentations and training programs for students and professionals.
Luoluo charges one inclusive fee that includes travel, which means less paperwork
for you to process and no guesswork on your program budget.
Luoluo individually tailors and specifically designs each program to meet your
learning objectives and be relevant for your target audience.
Luoluo effectively brings together both real-life experiences with academic
perspectives, scholarship and research in her work.
Luoluo is able to relate to both student and professional audiences, so one
individual can provide training, programming and consultation for multiple audiences.
Why choose Luoluo for your campus or conference?
Although she is best known for her work in sexual assault and other violence prevention,
Hong has addressed audiences on a wide range of topics in the areas of student life, social
justice, women's health and leadership. Weaving in her own life experiences of being a
rape survivor and resisting societal discrimination against Asian-Americans, Luoluo will
charm you with her humor, challenge you with her message and inspire you with her
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